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  • Manufactured by: Rossa Srl.

Manufacturer: Rossa Srl.
Production area: Paterno - Catania
Region: Sicily
Fermentation and aging: Amaro d'Arancia Rossa di Sicilia
Alcohol content: 30% vol.
Format: L. 1.50

Amaro: Amara is a natural Sicilian liqueur obtained from the peel of Catanese blood oranges of the Tarocco Gallo and Tarocco Nocellara varieties that grow on the slopes of the Etna volcano. The infusion obtained from blood orange peels has extraordinary properties that are added to those of the infusion of spontaneous aromatic herbs, giving life to an orange liqueur with a unique and beneficial taste. The other ingredients used are: water obtained by osmosis, alcohol and sugar. The result is an artisanal digestive produced in small quantities and without the addition of any type of additive. The taste of the Amaro Amara is unique and decisive and preserves the authentic Mediterranean smells. It is a liqueur with an alcohol content of 30%, a pearl among the Sicilian bitters.

Taste notes: Sicilian amaro shows an immediate sweetness with every sip that ends with a pleasant sensation of flavor, slightly bitter but very aromatic. It has excellent drinkability. Amaro Amara is excellent to drink as a digestive after a meal or at any refreshing moment. Bitter orange liqueur can also be enjoyed as a main ingredient in elaborate cocktails. A bitter liqueur for expert palates, but also for reading evenings with friends.

The company: Rossa is a young and dynamic company, born with the aim of enhancing Sicily and its heritage rich in natural resources and genuine products. This desire is accompanied by the desire for redemption of a new generation of Sicilian entrepreneurs, linked to their land of origin and eager to contribute with their work to the economic and cultural development of the island. The Amara Rossa liqueur is an excellent interpretation of the creative and far-sighted vision of the Sicilian company.

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