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  • Manufactured by: San Miguel

The package contains 24 bottles of cl. 33

A beer that seduces and fascinates little by little, as its nuances come to light. Behind her simple appearance hides a whole world of toasty, floral aromas and a pleasant bitterness. A beer that can not only be tasted, but touched. You just have to stop for a moment and look at its bright golden color, or sip it slowly to feel it for what it is."

INGREDIENTS: Water, Barley Malt, Corn, Hops
TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Alcohol (% v / v): 5.4º Amaro (IBU): 23 Color (EBC): 8EO (Pº): 13
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PRODUCTION PROCESS: Pilsen beer of German inspiration. Low fermentation (Lager), with a period of maturation to allow the flavors to evolve and filtration to leave it brilliant.

Malt: Careful selection of barley varieties and control of the malting process. Low roasted Pilsen malt is used, which provides the color and flavor of the cereals. Greater proportion compared to traditional ALH, which results in a greater extract and alcohol and therefore a greater body.
Hops: Use of bitter hops of American origin and grown in Spain.
Yeast: The fruity aromas are due to the yeast used. During fermentation, the yeast generates, in addition to alcohol and CO2, aromatic compounds (among others, fruity) which will be incorporated into the beer as part of its characteristic flavor.
Water: Level of mineral salts optimized to extract and enhance the aromas and flavors of all raw materials.

Appearance: Golden beer, bright and with a creamy and consistent foam.
Taste: The aromatic fragrance has a dry profile with soft fruity notes and a yeast reflection. Hop aromas are light yet floral and intensify when swallowed. In the mouth it has a soft bitterness but with a body and very balanced sensation. The persistence is good, slightly sweet with a dry finish.

SERVICE: Alhambra tulip cup

Serving temperature: 4º - 6º

PAIRING: Gazpacho with tomato and avocado or beetroot, Vegetables in their juice or grilled, Grilled or marinated fish, Russian salad or spicy potatoes.

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