• Manufactured by: San Miguel

Pack of 24 cans.​

TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Alcohol (% v / v): 4.5º Amaro (IBU): 40 Color (EBC): 13EO (Pº): 10.8
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PRODUCTION PROCESS: The combination of varieties of American hops, incorporated at different times in the production process.
Add a variety of hops at the beginning of the boil to provide the bitterness.
The dosage at the end of boiling of the American aromatic varieties allows the extraction of the aromatic oils, which remain in the beer and provide the fruity, citrus, resinous and floral aromas. This technique is known as Late Hopping.
Re-dosing at the end of the fermentation of the American aromatic hops adds new flavors and intensifies the character of the hops in a very special way. This technique is known as Dry Hopping.

Malt: Combination of Pilsner malt and crystal caramelized malts and medium roasted Carapils. It will provide color, body and toasted and caramelized flavors.
Hops: Combination of bitter and aromatic varieties of American origin.
The bitter hops of American origin give it a moderate bitterness, while the combination of aromatic hops dosed at different times in the production process provide mainly fruity aromas on a floral background.
Yeast: Ale yeast, high fermentation.


Appearance: Dark golden colored beer with a veiled appearance and consistent foam.

Taste: It has a fresh and pronounced hop aroma, with variegated nuances of stone fruit and currant, also resinous and citrus on an elegant floral background. In the mouth it intensifies its aromas, offering a soft texture in the body. The bitter sensation is moderate with a slightly persistent finish that brings freshness.

Pinta Imperiale Nonica: It has a section that increases the surface in the upper part, it helps to retain the aromas so characteristic of this beer, ideal for easy to drink “Session” type beers.

Serving temperature: 4º - 6º

PAIRING: Mahou Cinque Stelle Session IPA is particularly suitable for spicy or spicy foods such as Indian, Asian or Mexican ones

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